Why Become a Savings.com Affiliate?

Savings.com is a leading coupon website with over 50,000 active deals and exclusive partnerships. Being part of our Affiliate Program is free. Maximize your website’s earning potential with access to our tools such as link-grabbing, iframes and widgets. You simply apply to our program, get approved, use our tools and make money!

Easy to Use & Easy to Learn

Display the latest deals on your site with our grab & go ad units.

Here's What People Are Saying


It can take a lot of time to research affiliate programs, apply to them all individually, and then search for them when you want to find your affiliate link.

With the Savings.com affiliate program I can quickly and easily go to the merchant page on Savings.com and grab my affiliate link in less than 10 seconds.

For me, grabbing links quickly equals more content that I can post which equals more money at the end of the day.



The Savings.com Affiliate Program is a great tool for any deal blogger.

Trying to remember what merchant is with which affiliate company, what login is required and how to use that affiliate site is frustrating when an amazing deal needs to be shared quickly with our readers.

With Savings.com, it’s easy to grab a link and post. There are other great tools available such as iFrames, widgets, etc., all of which make my life easier.


Savings.com Contact

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact…


Aliya works intimately with Savings.com affiliates on a daily basis. As the program account manager, you will find her helping our affiliates get the most out of our tools and unique deal sharing opportunities.

If you have any questions about the affiliate program, Aliya should be your first stop for answers.